Are You Wearing Your BOOMBA Inserts Right?

Here’s the proper way to wear your BOOMBA insert

Step 1 : Select the proper clothing.

Like traditional bra inserts, BOOMBA inserts also need to be supported by the clothing. BOOMBA inserts are sticky on both sides, so the adhesive on the outside grips onto the clothing to stay in place, while the adhesive on the inside allows you to scoop and stick for maximum lift and cleavage.

We recommend choosing clothes that have:

  • Structured bust area. 
  • Thick materials in the bust area, if the material is not thick enough to fully hide the shape of your nipples, then it may not be thick enough to fully hide the shape of the inserts.
  • Support band under the bust is ideal for support.
  • Tight, non-stretchy clothing. If the clothing is stretchy and not tight, the top will not be able to push up against the inserts, in turn pushing up against your breasts and creating cleavage. 

Step 2 : Which BOOMBA insert suits you best?

Got your outfit ready? Let’s pick out the most suitable insert for your outfit! PS: Are you searching for the right size for your BOOMBA inserts, click here!

Ultra Boost

Perfect for plunging necklines and triangle bikinis, these padded inserts increase bust size by up to 2 cups. 

Aimees Intimates x BOOMBA Ultra Boost

Demi Boost

Designed for sweetheart necklines and demi-cup style clothing, these padded inserts are known to be the crowd’s favorite. They boost your breast for up to 2 cup sizes. 

Aimees Intimates x BOOMBA Demi Boost 

Invisible Lift

This is a lightly padded insert that is perfect for those who are looking for a natural lift and volume. It provides you the extra security to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions.

Aimees Intimates x BOOMBA Invisible Lift


Step 3 : Where should you place the inserts? 

How To Wear BOOMBA Inserts


Step 4 : The inserts should adapt to the curve of your breast. 

A well-placed insert gives you a natural-looking breast enhancement. The nipples should be at the edge of the insert to give maximum cleavage. 

Step 5 : Adjust your bust to your desired height and position. 

Scooping is the most important step. We always recommend placing the insert onto the clothing item first and then scooping your breast to the desired position. Stick insert onto breast to secure. 


Video Tutorial


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