Here’s How To Take Care Of Your BOOMBA Inserts

BOOMBA Inserts are known for their unique double-sided adhesive feature. They stick onto your skin and clothing, instantly giving you that gorgeous cleavage. But did you know that they are reusable too?

Yes, you read it right. You can maximize its use up to 40 times. BOOMBA Inserts are designed to be reusable and washable, so taking care of them properly will extend their life (and will save you lots of money!)

Here, we’ve gathered everything you need to know to ensure that you can get the most out of your BOOMBA Inserts.


Why Do My Bra Inserts Lose Their Stickiness?

You have worn them a few times and noticed that they are getting less sticky over time, and you may wonder why. Here are the various factors why your BOOMBA Inserts are losing their stickiness: 


Oil and Sweat

Oil and sweat are one of the main reasons your adhesive inserts lose their stickiness. Why? Because their moisture would repel the adhesive. It is always important to make sure that your breasts are dry and oil-free before you put on your BOOMBA Inserts. 



If you leave your inserts lying around, uncovered after use, dust and debris may stick to the insert, affecting its stickiness. This is because dust settles on the cups, and once they stick to the adhesive, they will cause your inserts to become less sticky. So prevention is key, always keep your inserts covered when not in use!  


Creams and Lotions

Before wearing your adhesive inserts, make sure you are not wearing lotions, makeup, or creams on your breast area, as its moisture will reduce the effectiveness of the adhesive and will also adhere to your inserts, causing them to become less sticky. 


How To Properly Wash BOOMBA Inserts?

BOOMBA inserts do not need to be washed after every use. We recommend washing them after sweatier and dirtier days. Here are some tips to make sure you are washing them *properly*.


1.  Hand Wash Only! 

Never put your BOOMBA inserts in the washing machine. The best way to clean them is to hold the inserts under running water and use the tips of your fingers to clean the inserts to remove any debris. 


2.  Be Cautious Of Your Fingernails. 

Be gentle with the inserts while handling, as the adhesive could get snagged on your fingernails. It’s essential to use the pad of your fingertips when handling them to prevent damaging the inserts with your nails. 


3.  Use Gentle Handsoap

When washing the inserts, you can use lukewarm water to rinse off sweat or use mild soap to clean the insert. Gently rub the insert with the pads of your fingers to eliminate the presence of sweat, oil, and other dirt that may have clung to them. 


Check out our Instagram Story Highlights for a video on how to properly cleanse your inserts.

How To Dry The BOOMBA Inserts?

Once washed, lay them in an area free of dust and debris to air-dry. Drying the inserts properly extends the life of your bra inserts. Make sure to also keep them out of direct sunlight. 


How Should I Store My BOOMBA Inserts?

If you just put them anywhere, it may accumulate dirt and lint. To protect your inserts after use. Apply your protective films onto your inserts and place them back into the BOOMBA box it came in. Store somewhere away from direct sunlight and heat. 


Can I Still Use My BOOMBA Inserts If They Don’t Stick Anymore?

Like all adhesive products, eventually, they will not stick anymore. However, they are still usable and can be used in tops, dresses, and bikinis. They will no longer be as effective or stay put, but perfectly safe to continue using!


BOOMBA inserts can be worn up to 50 times if they are well taken care of. Remember to shower them some love after each wear ;)