What to Wear with BOOMBA Inserts

Have you ever wanted to wear a particular dress but you just can’t? Either the bra straps keep showing, your boobs are just too small for the outfit, or the underwires aren’t comfortable. You have searched for bra alternatives that are also figure-flattering but to no avail. BOOMBA may have exactly what you’re looking for.

But what can you wear with BOOMBA inserts? In this article, we’ll show you the outfits you can wear with your inserts.


What to wear with BOOMBA Demi Boost Inserts

Demi Boost Inserts come in an oval shape and is perfect for sweetheart necklines. It boosts up to 2 cup sizes and can also be used inside bras to turn any bra into a push-up bra. Make sure to choose tight, thick clothing with structured tops and underbust support to fully see its benefits. Stick it inside wedding dresses, bras, bandeau bikinis, etc. to give you the boost you desire.

Demi Boost Outfits


What to wear with BOOMBA Ultra Boost Inserts

Ultra Boost Inserts the most padded insert on the market, come in a triangular shape. If you want that wow factor and boost up to two cup sizes, this is for you. These go well with thick clothing that have plunging or low v-cut tops with structure and underbust support. Insert these in your triangle bikini, wedding dress, etc. for that pushed up look.

Ultra Boost Outfits


What to wear with BOOMBA Invisible Lift Inserts

Invisible Lift Inserts are lightly padded double-sided adhesive inserts and the most versatile inserts we offer. This mainly lifts up bigger breasts and is great for security for any breast size.

Invisible Lift can be cut to fit most clothing and can be used when the clothing lacks enough structure for Demi Boost and Ultra Boost. These also go well with clothes that are recommended for both the other two inserts.

Invisible Lift Outfits


BOOMBA Outfit Checklist

If you’re confused about the right outfits that go with BOOMBA inserts, here are a few guidelines:

✔ Tight and structured bust area in the clothing
✔ Thick materials in the bust area for a seamless silhouette
✔ Sweetheart necklines and apparel with a support band under the bust
✔ Sports bras and regular bras (turn them into push-up bras with BOOMBA!)
 X Very stretchy tops that cannot hold the inserts in place
 X Loose and flowy clothing that cannot support any inserts
 X Baggy t-shirt, knitted tops, most straight-across necklines

If you’re still unsure if an outfit is suitable for use with BOOMBA inserts, do let us know, and we would be happy to help!





- Blog post originally from BOOMBA Official website -