BOOMBA 101: Which Types of Clothing are Compatible With BOOMBA inserts?

Not sure if BOOMBA inserts will be compatible with the outfit you had in mind? Below, we have outlined the types of clothing that work well with BOOMBA inserts and ones that do not. 


Are You Using Your Inserts Correctly?

Remember, BOOMBA inserts are “inserts,”and not a sticky bra, so they should not be worn like a normal sticky bra. 

BOOMBA inserts produce the best results when applied to the clothing item first. Next, it is crucial to scoop up your breast to desired height and position and stick the insert onto your breast to secure it. The breast should sit on top of the insert, like how it would sit on the padding inside a padded push-up bra. The inserts are designed to fill in the hollows of your breast when they are pushed together. The reason being that normal sticky bras can get the cleavage line, but on the side, it would look flattened. BOOMBA inserts are designed to create the illusion of fuller-looking cleavage from all angles. 


Is Your Outfit Compatible?

Since BOOMBA inserts are inserts and NOT a sticky bra, they need to be supported by the clothing they’re used with. It is important to wear clothing that is structured, made with thick material , and tight (non-stretchy) to achieve the best results with BOOMBA inserts.

If your top is stretchy and not tight, the inserts would simply sit on top of your chest, creating lumpy cleavage. The goal is for the inserts to fill in the hollows of your breasts when pushed together to create cleavage. For example, when you push your breasts together towards the center, the sides of your breast will lose volume, since all the volume is pushed towards the center. The hollow is where the inserts are designed to sit. Since there are no buckles or straps to hold the inserts together to create the cleavage, this responsibility will fall onto the top. So if the top is too stretchy, it will not be able to push up against the inserts, holding them in place, in turn pushing up against your breast, creating cleavage.

What to wear and What not to wear





If you’re still unsure if an outfit is suitable for use with BOOMBA inserts, feel free to DM on Instagram us or send us an email, We would love to help!