What are BOOMBA Inserts?

Hey BOOMBA babe! You may be wondering what inserts are and how exactly do they differ from sticky bras? Well I am glad you asked! Below I have written a few quick points explaining what inserts are and how to use them effectively.

Inserts are removable padding that can be used to increase bust size in tops, bras, bikinis, dresses, etc. Some other common names for inserts are chicken cutlets, bust cups, cookies, or bra paddings.

Sticky bras on the other hand are bras that are sticky. They adhere to your skin and are perfect for tops that cannot hide bra straps.

BOOMBA inserts on the other hand are the best of both worlds. It’s as if sticky bras and inserts had a baby, and BOOMBA inserts were born. BOOMBA inserts are inserts that sticky on BOTH sides. Why? Because this ensures they stick to your skin, while providing grip for your clothing, so that everything stays exactly where it should.


BOOMBA Before x After Comparison