Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are Inserts?

Inserts are removable padding that can be used to increase bust size in tops, bras, bikinis, dresses, etc. Some other common names for inserts are chicken cutlets, bust cups, cookies, or bra paddings.

Sticky bras on the other hand are bras that are sticky. They adhere to your skin and are perfect for tops that cannot hide bra straps.

BOOMBA inserts on the other hand are the best of both worlds. It’s as if sticky bras and inserts had a baby, and BOOMBA inserts were born. BOOMBA inserts are inserts that are sticky on BOTH sides. Why? Because this ensures they stick to your skin while providing grip for your clothing, so that everything stays exactly where it should be.

2. What Are BOOMBA Sticky Inserts?

BOOMBA sticky inserts are cotton inserts coated in silicone glue, similar to what sticky bras are made of, but without any straps or buckles (no restrictions!)

With traditional inserts, we found that cotton ones were very lightly padded, not producing much result, and soaked up water like a sponge when wet. With silicone inserts, we found them heavy and slippery when wet, easily falling out as they’re unable to be secured.

BOOMBA inserts are similar to traditional inserts, except ours are coated with silicone glue on both sides. It is a hybrid between cotton inserts and silicone inserts. Light like the cotton ones, while water-resistant like the silicone ones. Best of both worlds. 

3. Why We Made Our Inserts Adhesive On Both Sides?

  • This allows the user to stick the insert onto their clothing and keep it in place without sewing.
  • The user is able to control the amount of cleavage they would like to show by scooping the desired amount of cleavage and sticking it in place.
  • The silicone glue helps to keep your breast in place, preventing embarrassing nipple slips.
  • The silicone glue helps keep it sweat and water-resistant, allowing it to be used in water activities.

4. How Many Times Can I Use BOOMBA Inserts?

BOOMBA inserts are reusable up to 40 times. To prolong the life of your inserts, it is important to clean and reapply the protective film after each wear to prevent dust and lint from sticking to it.

5. How Do I Remove My BOOMBA Inserts?

Gently peel off the insert starting from the top edge and slowly remove it from your breast. Repeat the same process on the other side. It is recommended to clean BOOMBA inserts immediately after use.

6. How Are BOOMBA Inserts Different?

A lot! Unlike traditional inserts, BOOMBA's patented inserts are sticky on both sides, which means it sticks to your clothing and to your skin for extra security. Preventing nipple slips and staying hidden under clothing. Another great benefit of the double-sided adhesive is that there is no sewing required, simply stick the inserts onto the clothing item.

Since the inserts require no sewing, one pair of inserts can be interchanged between various tops and dresses. Traditional inserts (cotton) soak up too much water and if not sewn in, may move around. Silicone inserts are heavy and will slip and slide around when sweaty or wet. BOOMBA's double-sided adhesive design makes the inserts lightweight yet sweat and water-resistant, allowing you to swim, run, dance and much more without budging.

7. Can I Use BOOMBA Inserts At The Gym? Can I Swim With Them?

BOOMBA inserts are sweat and water-resistant, you can use them at the gym and swim with them on. Please make sure that your bathing suit is tight and to avoid big waves: if your bathing suits can't stay on, neither can our inserts! :)

8. Are BOOMBA Inserts For Everyone?

BOOMBA products are not intended for individuals who have sensitive skin or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. BOOMBA inserts may also not be ideal for individuals with augmented breasts.

9. Do Your Inserts Contain Latex?

BOOMBA Inserts are latex-free! :)

10. I'm Pregnant / Breastfeeding, Can I Use BOOMBA Inserts?

We do not recommend women who are pregnant or breastfeeding to use our products as some women are more sensitive during this time. This is an extra precaution since during this time users' skin may be more sensitive. We've also had users who were able to use our inserts without any issues while they're pregnant. So it's possible that you will be able to use the inserts without issues. 

11. I Have Augmented Breasts, Can I Use BOOMBA Inserts?

The reason we do not recommend BOOMBA inserts for augmented breasts is that some users' implants are quite hard and not malleable.

Our inserts are soft, so sometimes the implants will push back at the inserts, instead of the inserts pushing the breasts towards the center, which may make it look weird.

Of course, each person's breasts are different and there are augmented breasts that are soft and malleable, but not every customer reaches out to confirm before ordering, so to avoid a customer being unhappy with their purchase, we decided to write “not suitable with augmented breasts”.

However, we do have a few users that reported Demi Boosts have worked well with augmented breasts!

12. I'm Size AA Or 32A And Smaller, Can I Use BOOMBA Inserts?

We actually do not recommend inserts for users with sizes smaller than 32A as they may not look natural under clothing. We are actually coming out with a new product soon which is tailored for smaller bust sizes, so I would recommend you stay tuned for that product which is launching soon!

13. My Inserts Are Not Working Well. Please Help? 

We’re so sorry to hear that your inserts aren’t working well for you so far. It's very common for our users to struggle with using the inserts at first. With a little practice, we’re sure you’re gonna love the results!

BOOMBA inserts work differently from a sticky bra as they need to be supported by the clothing they're used with. The inserts work best with structured, thick, and tight (non-stretchy) clothing. If your top is stretchy and loose, the top will not be able to push up against the inserts, holding everything in place. If that is the case, your inserts would just sit there, instead of pushing up against your breasts creating cleavage.

Check out our blog posts for more details on the appropriate outfits to use with the inserts and to refer to our tutorials on how to wear your inserts correctly. If you are still having trouble using your inserts, please contact us and we will schedule a chat support/call/video call with you to offer some tips and tricks for seamless application.

14. What's The Difference Between The Three Styles Of Inserts?

We have the padded inserts, Demi Boost and Ultra Boost; and a lightly lined inserts, the Invisible Lift.

  • Demi Boost Inserts comes in an oval shape and is perfect for sweetheart necklines. It does boost up to 2 cup sizes and can also be used inside bras to turn any bra into a push-up bra.
  • Ultra Boost Inserts come in a triangular shape and also boost up to two cup sizes, these are better in v cut tops and triangle style bikinis.
  • Invisible Lift Inserts is a lightly padded insert that is perfect for girls looking for a natural push-up effect. These are also great for girls looking for a little added security against wardrobe malfunctions.

Which one to pick is based on personal preference and what type of tops you tend to gravitate towards. Demi Boost inserts are definitely a fan favourite, very versatile, and compatible with a lot of structured tops and dresses. If you have any questions or are not sure which one to pick, please reach out to us and we would be happy to help.

For best results, use the inserts under tight, structured clothing, and the thicker the material the better!

15. Which Insert Is Suitable For Me?

 Great question! This really comes down to what you are looking for!

  • A boost in volume? Our most padded insert, Ultra Boost is perfect for users looking for a boost in size (up to 2 cups).
  • Own a lot of demi style tops? Demi Boost is specially designed for low-cut demi style clothing! Boosting up to 2 cup sizes instantly.
  • Prefer a lift? Our lightly padded insert, Invisible Lift is perfect for girls looking for a natural-looking lift without an increase in volume.

16. Which Size Is Suitable For Me?

Check out our Sizing Chart to find out which size is suitable for your body. Please note that results may vary depending on breast size and shape. Results will be similar to a double push-up bra. BOOMBA results work best with natural breasts.


17. What To Wear With BOOMBA Inserts?

You can see examples of some outfits that you could pair with each of the inserts from our blog post.

Picking an Outfit
✔️ Tight and structured bust area in the clothing
✔️ Thick materials in the bust area for a seamless silhouette
✔️ Sweetheart necklines and clothing with a support band under the bust
✔️ Sports bras and regular bras (turn them into push-up bras with BOOMBA!)
❌ Very stretchy tops that cannot hold the inserts in place
❌ Loose and flowy clothing that cannot support any inserts
❌ Baggy t-shirt, knitted tops, most straight-across necklines

If you’re unsure if an outfit is suitable for use with BOOMBA inserts, email or DM a picture and we can help!

18. How Do I Clean My BOOMBA Inserts?

Hand wash only, do not machine wash or put in the dryer. Gently use the pad of your fingertips to wash the adhesive while avoiding contact with your fingernails to prevent damaging the adhesive. Rinse the inserts with warm water to remove any residue. Carefully shake off excess water and press on the insert lightly to squeeze out any remaining water. Allow the inserts to air dry in an area free of dust particles.

When the inserts are completely dry, reapply the protective films to prevent dust and lint from adhering to the inserts.

19. How To Store BOOMBA Inserts?

After cleaning, apply protective film back onto the inserts and store it back in its original packaging. Keep in a cool, dark environment away from dust and debris.

20. Is It Normal To Have Some Glue Residue On Skin?

Some users may experience small pieces of glue peeling or come off on their clothing or skin, please note that this is normal and does not affect usage.

When we were creating BOOMBA inserts, we decided to go with the stronger adhesive, simply because we wanted to create a product that we ourselves would love. We knew that we wouldn't want sticky inserts that stopped sticking after 5 uses, so why would our customers? Not only is that bad for consumers and our reputation, but also for the environment. The biggest complaint we hear from consumers is that their sticky bras stop sticking after a few uses, so we knew we wanted to be different. When you buy a pair of BOOMBA inserts, you know you are buying a quality, long lasting product.

So although our inserts may leave glue residue on skin or clothing at times, our inserts also are truly reusable, many times over. It was a hard decision to decide whether to make it sticker and leave residue or create a product that stopped sticking after a few uses. Ultimately we decided to go with the former, because we believe as a consumer, ultimately you just want a product that works well, and works for a long time.

21. Can I Exchange My Items? 

Due to sanitary reasons, ALL adhesive inserts, nipple covers, accessories, and promotional items may not be returned for a refund, credit, or exchange unless you have received damaged, defective or the wrong item(s).